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About Bruhh.clothing

Hey peeps! First of all, HUGE THANK YOU TO Y'ALL WHO CLICKED INTO THIS POST!!!! You have made my day hehe. Okay but anyways, let's dig into the Introduction to Bruhh 101.

Bruhh is a small local clothing online store based in Batu Pahat, Malaysia. We aim to encourage everyone to try out any style of clothing, discover every side of you and not limiting your fashion style by literally ANYONE, including yourself! We have seen so many people pigeonhole themselves or others into a particular style, or being judged by someone saying that they should only wear ONE style because they seems to fit with their personality and we think this idea is totally wrong. 'Cute girl next door shouldn't wear hip hop fashion'. WRONGGGG. For sure wearing clothing which bring comforts and confidence to you is absolutely right but stepping out of your comfort zone to try new style is another thing that you should try! 

ps: Personally, I have so many stories to share with y'all so stay tuned for more. I will be posted updates on Instagram so be sure to follow it and be a part of Bruhh community !

Join our Bruhh community! Believe in yourself and be confident in any style to create a unique YOU. And don't forget, we are supporting each other. :))



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